Rafael Amoros 

If you fall seven times, get up eight, even though this can be challenging. When we think about xQuad, each of us has experienced setbacks and understands how crucial it is to have that helping hand to keep rising. We not only guide but also build together, with a primary focus on saving in what we tend to overlook, which is the most important—time, for a balanced life.

Rafael began his professional career at the Spanish telecommunications multinational, accumulating over 11 years of experience in various roles, including engineering, product development, business development, and eventually venturing into the world of entrepreneurship and innovation as an investor and strategic business manager.

In the last +5 years, he has served as an investor and strategic business manager, analyzing over 1000 startups and leading investment, divestment, and business development opportunities globally in over 100 companies. Managing a portfolio valued at +1 billion euros, he has generated +40 million euros in new revenues for the group. He has also served as a board member for +10 companies, guiding and advising them to the next level.

Telecommunications Engineer at the Polytechnic University of Elche (UMH), complementing his studies with a Global Management Master's degree from the Instituto de Empresas (IE) and another in Business Management from UAM. He is an expert in Venture Capital and finance from the ISBIF Finance School and Bocconi University, holding a certificate in entrepreneurship and innovation from Stanford University.

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Co-founder of xQuad

Miriam Collado

There are two ways to acquire knowledge in marketing: through education or through experience. Ideally, it's best to have a combination of both.

Miriam has built her career in a rapidly growing startup environment. She started her career at ThePower when the company had only 20 employees, and within a few months, they had grown to over 200. She began by handling advertising for the Spanish market and ended up managing advertising for more than 10 countries in Latin America.

Simultaneously, she took on the marketing of Velca, the electric motorcycle brand that set a record in Spain by raising €600,000 in its first funding round in less than 2 hours. Shortly after, they won the top prize at the National Marketing Awards, with Miriam being the youngest marketing director to receive the award in 2021. That same year, they were finalists in the eCommerce Awards.

Soon after, she took on a new leadership role at KOMOBI, the brand specializing in devices for motorcyclists for theft and accident detection. With over 4,000 online reviews, collaborations with over 80 influencers, more than 150 points of sale, and an annual customer recurrence rate of 80%, in 2023, they won the bronze at the National Marketing Awards and ecommerce for another year.

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Enrique Sanchez 

“The startup world is a vibrant tapestry of innovation, ambition, and resilience. Each success story, every hurdle overcome, contributes to the collective wisdom that fuels progress. I firmly believe that it is our responsibility, having benefited from this ecosystem, to sow the seeds of support for the next generation of entrepreneurs and visionaries.”

Enrique brings over 12 years of expertise in sales strategies, products and services, with a recent concentration on the B2B market within technology-driven enterprises. His profound knowledge spans across Sports, Wellness, Health, and cutting-edge technologies including Blockchain, Web3, and Tokenization. Over the past few years, he has dedicated his efforts to organizing and expanding sales teams. Additionally, Enrique serves as a Business Angel Investor and Advisor to numerous startups and scale-ups within the dynamic landscape of innovation.

Engineer with a Master's degree in Telecommunications, across different universities such as Polytechnic University of Madrid, San Pablo CEU University, and Carlos III University. Notably, selected by the university to represent Spain in an entrepreneurship program at Babson in Boston, Massachusetts. And awarded as the Most Innovative Company in 2016 by CEEI.

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Pablo Ortuño 

“A startup thrives on crafting innovative solutions and business models that add significant value globally. Central to its success is the ability to engage users and clients through appealing software and products. However, technology alone isn't the key; it's the synergy of tech, marketing, visionary thinking, and a solid business model that truly makes a difference. xQuad champions this approach, aiming to aid companies in harnessing technology not just for operational excellence, but for the greater societal good.”

Pablo is a techie who loves creating digital products that generate impact, specializing in the early stages of development and market validation of products. He has established several companies in recent years and participated as CTO as a service and investor in many others.

In all projects, he strives to blend innovative technologies and designs to validate or achieve the product market fit of the companies he is involved in.

Throughout his career, he has created multiple digital products, as well as assisted companies in crafting digitalization strategies and launching their new digital products successfully, ensuring the use of innovative technologies while always considering scalability and usability.

Engineer with a Degree in Telecommunications at Universidad de Málaga.

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member of xQuad Tech expert

Carmen Brioso 

"Working one year at a startup is like working seven years at another company—every challenge is a chance to innovate and thrive. Identifying pain points and turning them into growth opportunities is my main goal."
Carmen Brioso is a high-performing, strategic-thinking marketing leader with over 10 years of experience in ecommerce at both national and international levels. She holds a degree in Advertising and Public Relations from the University of Seville and Aarhus University (Denmark).
Carmen has a proven track record across diverse sectors including consumer goods, pharmaceuticals, mobility and education. Her expertise lies in connecting products with audiences, optimizing marketing budgets and maintaining a healthy marketing and sales P&L. She excels at identifying pain points, strategic vision, prioritization, problem-solving and leadership.
As a Startup Mentor at Techstars Startup Weekend, Carmen has influenced numerous budding entrepreneurs. Her achievements include developing strategic multi-channel plans, managing multicultural teams of up to 25 people and opening new international markets in the UK, France, Italy, Portugal, Brazil, the USA and Australia.
Among the recognitions she has received are winning the Mobile Commerce Awards for Best Strategy in 2019, a Bronze at the National Marketing Awards (KOMOBI), and finalist positions at the eCommerce Awards in 2022 and 2023.

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member of xQuad Marketing expert

Carlos Ortiz 

“The entrepreneur's path is often a lonely one, and the lack of experience in entrepreneurship can lead them to make the wrong decisions that cost them a lot of money, time and resources. This is where xQuad comes into play, we represent a new concept where experience in the startup world and service to founders come together.”

As a lawyer he started his career working in Consulting and Compliance at Deloitte. After 3 years, he founded the restaurant group Aloha Poké, the first Hawaiian restaurant chain in Spain. For 5 years Carlos has led the group as CEO and the company has reached a turnover of 9 million € and has more than 150 employees in more than 30 business units. Carlos currently works in the field of robotics as Head of Business Operations, and teaches entrepreneurship at ESIC University, as well as mentoring entrepreneurs and investing in companies under the role of Business Angel.

Carlos studied a double degree in Law and Business Administration at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, and obtained a Master's degree in Legal Practice and Advocacy at the Valencia International University. He is also certified as a European Financial Advisor II by the €FPA.

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