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Marketing & Growth 
  • Assess Product-Market Fit from a Growth perspective.
  • Growth Strategy.
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Marketing & Growth Operations
  • Tech and Product alignments
  • Engineering Team Process and Methodologies
  • Recruitment and scaling
  • Working with third party providers
Investments analysis
  • Initial Conversations with an Investor & link with Ecosystem.
  • Deck and relevant materials
  • Business Performance Analysis.
  • Budgeting & Financial Planning.
  • Valuation & Fund Raising.
Business impact
  • Deep dive
  • BizOps structuration
  • Business model and revenues streams.

  • Hiring and team workflows.

  • Corporate Governance & Public Affairs

  • “Investment Ready” Documents

  • Contracts review & Compliance

  • Operations & Logistics Expertise

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