Let's go xQuad

Nov 16, 2023

xQuad was created with the mission of helping entrepreneurs and startups to achieve their goals and make the best strategic decisions.

Members of xQuad company

We promote the figure of the "Board of Advisors as a Service”, as a fundamental element for Startups to rely on and to have a committee of experts at national level at their disposal.

Carlos, Rafael, Pablo, Enrique and Mercedes, each bring their expertise in an industry but we all share something in common: we have been entrepreneurs and we have felt the difficulties that startups face to scale. We know what it takes to overcome obstacles and achieve goals.

We decided to join forces to create a “Board of Advisors as a service” that could offer startups a unique perspective and experience. We believe that the diversity of our experience is one of our greatest strengths. We can provide founders with a holistic view of the challenges and opportunities they face.

Our Services

What we are best at

Aligning your tech team to work in an agile environment to achieve your business goal  while setting the foundation of an scalable dev team.

Business Strategy
Understanding, optimization and, as far as possible, automation of the entire sales process. Strategy with the Operations and  Marketing team.

Growth & Marketing
Definition, implementation and optimization of the correct  growth levers and marketing channels/initiatives for your business model.

Legal & Ops
Legal advice on corporate governance issues,  legal documents  for fundraising, assurance of  regulatory compliance. Operations processes review. Deep knowledge about Logistics,  Retail & Franchising.

Aligning all these points to a strategy of optimization in the investment of resources and the search for capital.

In Mercedes' words:

"I consider that people working in startups or being part of the entrepreneur ecosystem somehow have something in common: the concern and motivation of being part of or helping other startups and projects to grow. That is why when the rest of xQuad founders told me about the project I immediately wanted to be there."

In Rafa's words:

If you fall seven times, get up eight, even though this can be challenging. When we think about xQuad, each of us has experienced setbacks and understands how crucial it is to have that helping hand to keep rising. We not only guide but also build together, with a primary focus on saving in what we tend to overlook, which is the most important—time, for a balanced life.

In Pablo's words:

“A startup thrives on crafting innovative solutions and business models that add significant value globally. Central to its success is the ability to engage users and clients through appealing software and products. However, technology alone isn't the key; it's the synergy of tech, marketing, visionary thinking, and a solid business model that truly makes a difference. xQuad champions this approach, aiming to aid companies in harnessing technology not just for operational excellence, but for the greater societal good.”

In Enrique's words:

“The startup world is a vibrant tapestry of innovation, ambition, and resilience. Each success story, every hurdle overcome, contributes to the collective wisdom that fuels progress. I firmly believe that it is our responsibility, having benefited from this ecosystem, to sow the seeds of support for the next generation of entrepreneurs and visionaries.”

In Carlos' words:

“The entrepreneur's path is often a lonely one, and the lack of experience in entrepreneurship can lead them to make the wrong decisions that cost them a lot of money, time and resources. This is where xQuad comes into play, we represent a new concept where experience in the startup world and service to founders come together.”